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Ways to KeepĀ Apples From Browning

This afternoon, for a school celebration, we served molten caramel and apple wedges. Understanding that they would be exposed to air for a considerable amount of time, we felt we had to deal with the apples to reduce browning. Many fruits and vegetables have a class of enzymes in them called peroxides. These enzymes are developed to break down oxygen particles that can respond with tissue and ruin it. As part of the process, the tissue often turns brown. This enzyme is the reason potatoes turn brown when cut open in addition to the reason apples turn brown.

Understanding that browning is caused by an enzyme, we can avoid browning by preventing the enzyme from working. Talked about in this article are 5 simple ways to keep apples (or any vegetable) from turning brown.

1. Choose apples that are less vulnerable to browning. Green Apples tend to brown far less than your traditional red tasty while Arrange apples will brown the least of all. In general, color is a good indicator of browning with red browning the most, yellow browning moderate, and green browning the least.

2. Keep apples under water. If you cut your apples under water, or leave them covered in water, you can minimize the amount of browning. While this does not lower the activity of the enzyme that causes browning, the apple is exposed to less complimentary oxygen while in water, thus minimizing the amount of browning that takes place, and unlike potatoes, your water is not going to turn a dark brown in a few hours.

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